River Rats Adventure Racing, LLC

2705 River Park Dr.

Grayling, MI  49738


To contact us:

Phone: 989-348-5401

Fax: 989-348-1626

E-mail: ausableriverrats@yahoo.com




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Team Bio

Team Bio’s

Team AuSable River Rats is comprised of a very diverse set of athletes competing in all forms of endurance events with a definite strength being paddling. With all members of the team veterans of multiple AuSable River Canoe Marathons we always anxiously await the paddling sections of the race. Although paddling is a strength we are very competitive in all disciplines of adventure racing and bring a well rounded team to the table at all races.  Check out our team members bio’s below for more info on the team.

Chad Swander

An original team member of the River Rats and race director for River Rats Adventure Racing, LLC.

E-mail: chad@riverratsar.com


“Biker Bob” the name say’s it all, an original member and the strongest biker in the bunch.

Jim Laurent

Jimmy is a newer member to the team and has been on our sprint race team for 3 years going on 4 while he like the sprints he would like to get into the long distance stuff.

Fred Mills

Fred is an original member and is by far the fittest of our team, he can navigate without a compass and as long as he brings both shoes he is unstoppable.

Mandy Trudgeon

Mandy is another relative newcomer to our team but a very welcome addition. You will be hard pressed to find a better female racer in Michigan.

E-mail: bob@riverratsar.com

E-mail: jim@riverratsar.com

E-mail: fred@riverratsar.com

E-mail: mandy@riverratsar.com